Conservative Future members demand early election !

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December 11, 2013 by mmetcaa

The results are in on my recent survey asking respondents what they think about an early election. Here is a quick round up:

Of those asked, 68.9% believe an executive election should be called prior to September 2014 ( 44.6% wanting it now) and view CF to be ‘in trouble’. As to who of the current executive members respondents would like to see stay on, Oliver Cooper leads by quite some margin (37.6%) compared to 19.4% for Robert Manning, 13.6% for Sarah jane- Sewell and just 6.6% for Ben Corbridge. However, 22.9% do not wish to see any of the current executive stay on. Of interest, 55.4% of respondents claim to represent grassroots branch executive offices.

The date of the next CF election remains unclear, but if this poll is anything to go by, the executive should consider offering a date asap. Should Cooper wish to stand for a second term, he may wish to call an election now. These polls have consistently seen high ratings for Cooper, making it prime time to secure a second term.

See full results below:


 Overall, 202 respondents took part in this survey. The results are below

Are you?

Male: 71.29%

Female: 28.71% (getting better!)

Are you a member of CF?

Yes: 98.01%

No: 1.49%

Don’t Know: 0.5%

Do you currently hold an executive position within any CF branch?

Yes: 55.4%

No: 43.56%

Don’t Know: 0.99%

With the date of the next Executive election unknown, would you support the idea of holding an early election prior to September 2014, if it were a possibility?

Yes, we need an election asap. CF is in trouble: 44.6%

Yes: certainly before September 2014: 24.3%

No, so long as one is held before January 2015: 14.9%

No, there are more important issues: 16.3%


Thinking of the current *main 4* members of the National Executive, who would you see stay on in a hypothetical new executive?

Oliver Cooper:  37.6%

Sarah jane- Sewell: 13.6%

Ben Corbridge: 6.6%

Robert Manning: 19.4%

None of them: 22.9%


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