The greatest trick the left ever played was convincing the world that loving your country was racist

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November 22, 2013 by mmetcaa

So, my former university’s student’s union is at it again. This time, they’ve gone and voted against flying the British flag. According to sources present in the meeting the arguments for the ban came from native Britains, who argued that the flag was a symbol of racism and imperialism. They argued that the Union Flag could cause offence to students from other countries.  The word ‘could’ in this instance, accommodates many possibilities.  I put it to opponents of the flag that they have no empirical basis of evidence in which to justify such bold claims and that the term ‘could’ in this instance, is  used as a convenient cover up of a more sinister agenda.  This argument has been used for decades by leftists to stamp out patriotism so as to replace the nation state with a socialist one. Do these people dream up ways to anger everyone? They may claim to have the interests of minorities at heart, but do they? The answer is no. Their hatred for the very country to which they owe so much springs from an ideological commitment to crushing anything to do with Britain. By using minorities as an excuse, they fail to understand the repercussions this has on the relationship between native Brits and those who have migrated here (for whatever reason) from abroad. I fear that it is thanks to arguments such as this that fascist organisations target immigrants.

I am not saying that I know every foreign born person living in Britain, but from the people I have spoken to they think flying the flag is perfectly acceptable. They do not even question it, just as I do not when I go abroad. People migrate from all over the world to come to Britain and to share our culture whilst many try desperately to become citizens. Why on earth would they find the flag that represents everything they love about their new home offensive? My dear friend and colleague, Alex Georgiou, resigned as Campaigns Officer over the SU’s decision. Usually I would advise against exiting the lion’s den, but on this occasion Alex was right. Why on earth should anybody have to put up with having their identity so disgracefully undermined?

But I expect leftists to come out with this sort of drivel. They do not get anywhere electorally and therefore use student’s unions as ideological testing grounds where most students are busy focusing on completing their studies (ironically, to progress within the British capitalist system) . The problem is with those closer to home, with those ‘Conservatives’ (including one prominent county CF chair, who at this stage will remain nameless) who think that the so called “ nation state decline” should be welcomed in favour of city states, a view also espoused by Michael Heseltine at a recent TRG dinner. What sort of image does this portray of the Tory party to core voters living outside major cities? What message does it send to struggling business owners based in smaller townships up and down the land? When the Conservative Party grassroots campaign hard to win over those who have flocked to UKIP or the politically apathetic, comments such as Heseltine’s only damage the progress made.
I understand the whole ‘we’re a broad church’ argument, but being proud of Britain is a non-negotiable part of being a Conservative. We need to be the party dedicated to preserving the national identity. It troubles me that people with views such as these remain members of the party, let alone serve as elected members (which coincidently, the aforementioned individual was not).

I believe the British flag should be flown across schools, colleges and universities across the country. It commands a sense of duty and unites people of all backgrounds under one banner. It symbolises one community that consists of citizens from the most diverse of backgrounds. The recent Olympic Games were a shining example of this: 24 of Britain’s 65 medals were gained by athletes not born in the UK, from a multitude of backgrounds. All of our athletes marched proudly behind the British flag on the Olympic opening ceremony, a scene both moving and patriotic.

So if you’re a student at a university that doesn’t fly the Union Jack, ask why. Petition fellow students and lobby your SU. Make it clear that enough is enough and that it’s time to fly the flag high! Some will say that it’s petty; here lies the problem.

I’d like to extend my warmest gratitude to the freedom fighters over at Essex University who campaigned to fly the flag. We must remember that one of the greatest tricks the left ever played was convincing the world that loving your country was racist. Patriotism is about love, not hate. What leftists need to understand is that, loving your flag and national identity doesn’t mean you hate anyone or any other country.


(Essex Uni CF with the flag back in October)


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