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November 14, 2013 by mmetcaa


For those that missed my conclusion…

If the poll shows anything, it is that the respondents are not happy with the executive. As the 2015 general election looms ever closer, and the next CF election date remains unclear, how long must CF wait before its members can have a say on its leadership? We desperately need unity and Oliver Cooper needs the support of his executive.  Toytown politics is ruining our organisation and I fear it may put off activists off at a time when we need as many feet on the ground as possible. There is at present a clear divide between Cooper and his executive. Without unity, whether coerced or otherwise, CF can forget building the necessary activist base for 2015.

CCHQ also needs to understand that CF activists are not dutiful servants to be commanded and disposed of as it sees fit. We must be consulted on the literature put out in the name of our organisation. The fact that a handful of members refused to distribute leaflets on account of them being un-conservative appears a forewarning of damaging developments to come. I also fear the number of members is far greater (but that remains speculation at this stage). We should be focusing on attracting loyal conservative activists – not trying to appeal to people that would not vote for us under any circumstances and who would be of no practical use to their local parties. At a time when our party is losing members rapidly, CCHQ should focus on returning to conservative fundamentals.  After all, without a solid core vote an electoral win in 2015 is fanciful. If the last English council elections showed anything, it is that if you vote UKIP you get UKIP, and that if you do not vote you will get Labour.
I appreciate the views of those who responded positively to the question about my surveys. A lot of people ask why I do them. The answer is simple – no one else does. Grassroots members are seldom asked their opinions on internal matters, and I believe that the grandeur and distractions that come with national office can sometimes prevent the executive (whether of the CF or the National Party) from understanding the mood of the grassroots. I’d like to thank those of you who have gone out of your way to raise awareness of these polls.  It could not be done without you. So long as people keep completing them and sharing their opinions, I will keep producing them. I do not have any funding at present and have no intention (or likelihood) of obtaining any.  I therefore openly admit that the polls are far from perfect.  Nevertheless, they attract over 200 people a time which is a very positive response indeed. The more responses I get, the more likely ‘people’ are to listen. So please, continue keeping an eye on my blog for the next survey (whenever that should be).


Enjoy the next few weeks!


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